[on ‘A Tale for Two Violins’]... A compelling 21-minute piece for unaccompanied violins, structured in six episodes ripe with folk-inflected melodies, bent pitches, animated rhythms... Accessible without mortgaging a sense of mystery...
— Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press

Selected Works

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Blue Scherzo for Clarinet (2012)

Cadenza for Vitali Chaconne (2010)

Cadenza for Khachaturian Violin Concerto (2013)

Largo for Viola (2012)


In My Arms Tonight for Flute, Oboe, Piano, Double Bass, and Drums (2013)
     *Written as the first composer-in-residence for the Incidental
      Chamber Players (2013 - 2014)

Mare Tranquilitatis for Saxophone Quartet (2016)
     *Commissioned by the Asylum Quartet

Night Music for Violin and Piano (2013)

Rhapsodic Fantasy for Cello Duo (2016-17)                                                                                                                *Commissioned by Antonio Lysy and Patricia Smith

* In this performance: Antonio Lysy and Charles Tyler, cellos *

A Tale for Two Violins (2014)
     *Premiered by Ani and Ida Kavafian for the Dilijan Chamber Music
      Series (Los Angeles)
       *Featured at the 2015 Starling-Delay Violin Symposium at the Juilliard
        School (New York)

 * In this performance: Ani and Ida Kavafian, violins *

Vastedad de Pinos for Flute, Oboe, and Horn - Based on the poetry of
     Pablo Neruda (2013)
     *Written as the first composer-in-residence for the Incidental
      Chamber Players (2013 - 2014)

 Vasteded de Pinos for Soprano and Piano - Based on the poetry of Pablo Neruda (2019)

* In this performance: Teja Kim, Soprano / Oliver Chan, Piano *

Vitali Variations for Violin and Piano (2012)

The Year 1915 for String Quartet (2015)
     * Commissioned by Patricia Hicks and the Santiago String Quartet                                                                                       * Written in commemoration of the Centennial of the Genocide of 1915

* In this performance: Anna Koushnerov and Ben Bartelt, violins / Sean Lyons, viola / Christopher Votek, cello *

Յիշատակներ / Memories for Vocal Quintet - Based on the poetry of Krikor
     Beledian (2012)

Large Ensemble

A Sip of Potion for symphony orchestra (2013)

Vastedad de Pinos for symphony orchestra - Based on the poetry of Pablo Neruda (2019)